Nova - Titan Aluminium Pergola 31cm Solid Side Wall Panel - Grey

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The Nova - Titan Aluminium Solid Side Wall Panel - Grey is a great extra for our Titan pergola range, particularly when partnered with our aluminium side walls in order to create a stunning framework that makes a stylish and clear entrance way to the pergola, whilst maintaining privacy.

This accessory has been exclusively designed to fit the NOVA Titan, Titan Plus and Proteus Pergola* ranges. For models purchased prior to 2022, the crank handle positioning will obstruct fixing walls to the underneath and should be taken into consideration when designing accessory composition. For all free-standing pergolas ordered in 2022 and onwards, accessories can be fitted to all sides. As wall-mounted pergolas are angled away from the supporting wall, accessories can only be installed to the front side of the pergola. Drilling into the pergola structure will be required when fitting any accessories and so installation assistance may be necessary. *This accessory will not fit the Proteus Lite model. 

All fixings are provided and, as attention to detail is paramount to this design, with this grey design we have included fixings in the matching grey RAL for any visible components so that it will match the colour of your pergola perfectly and blend seamlessly.

Made from aluminium, this panel is fully weather resistant, strong, durable, and lightweight. Additionally, the inside of the panel is hollow, allowing you to run unsightly cables inside to maintain the look of your pergola. This makes it ideal for fixing an outdoor television or lighting to the panel, or a suitable outdoor electric box.

Set Includes: 
1 x Aluminium Side Wall 
Fixings in Grey

Product Features: 
Weather Ready Aluminium 
RAL: 7015

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