Warranty information

The extended warranties offered On Chimes Rattan products only covers furniture for structural damage, rust and fade to the framework of the set and / or the rattan going brittle and snapping. This guarantee applies to all furniture sold by Chimes Home & Garden but does not include the glass supplied with these sets. Chimes reserves the right not to apply the extended warranty in cases where we deem inappropriate misuse or where items have been tampered with by a third party. The guarantee will also not apply in instances deemed to be fair wear and tear by Chimes.

Items Not Covered in our warranties:

  • Glass Table Tops breaking or chipping on or after delivery
  • Windguards
  • Cushions

PLEASE NOTE: All items are inspected multiple times by our quality control department in each of our factories before being shipped.

Melting of rattan & polywood table tops can occur due to drinking glasses or reflective shiny objects being left on the table tops without coasters when the sun is shining and will not be covered under warranty. The magnification creating high temperatures can burn and melt not only rattan but also polywood table tops so please use coasters when possible.

The melting effect can cause lots of small holes to appear due to the magnification of the sun causing extreme heat on the table top. No garden furniture is normally able to withstand this and will not be covered under any warranties.

Heritage Range White Wash - 7 Year Warranty
Heritage Range Willow - 7 Year Warranty

Mixed Grey Flat Weave - 5 Year Warranty
Mixed Brown Flat Weave - 5 Year Warranty

Chimes Stone Grey Flat Weave - 5 Year Warranty
Chimes Prestige Grey Round Weave - 7 Year Warranty

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