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Infinity Outdoor Fabric Corner Sofa Set with 2 Armchairs - Flanelle

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Product Code: N18169

Product Description

The Chimes infinity Outdoor Fabric Corner Set with Armchairs - Flanelle has been modelled with a stain and water repelling fabric, perfect for maintaining modernity and elegance but improving practicality as the task of cleaning up following a day of entertaining guests is made unquestionably easier. 


Chimes’ water-repellent fabric is developed to withstand unexpected showers.  With quick-drying foam present throughout the fabric, forcing water to run right off of the cushions, keeping your furniture dry and ready for use all year round. The cushions are also resistant to fading, UV rays and mould, to keep your product looking clean and stylish for years to come. 


Aluminium framing was utilised to ensure rust prevention whilst maintaining the stability and durability of the product, the clean black finish on the frame compliments the pillows perfectly and perpetuates the smart aesthetic.  The matching coffee table adds convenience to the set as a great place to keep drinks and snacks close by when your guests are gathered.


Liquid stains can typically be removed simply with tap water or warm soapy water, but a mixture of mild soap, water and bleach may be recommended for the tougher stains you may encounter.  Allow the fabric to soak in the mixture for up to 15 minutes before rinsing until all of the mixture is removed.  Then leave out to dry, and your product should look as if it were new.  Despite the fabric being designed to be effective for years, further fabric repellent product may be used on the furniture should signs of a decrease in repellence show.


The Chimes infinity Outdoor Fabric Corner Set with Armchairs - Flanelle is a perfect addition to all gardens, with matching accompaniments available to accommodate for households of all sizes or for those who love to entertain friends and family.  Enjoy your outdoor space all year round with this set.


Set Includes:
1 x 3 Seat Sofa Piece
1 x 2 Seat Sofa Piece
2 x Lounge Chairs
1 x Coffee Table



Product Dimensions

 1 x Sofa: W: 273cm (107")  D: 272cm (107")

2 x Lounge Chairs: W: 122cm (48") D: 97cm (38")

1 x Coffee Table: W: 84cm (33") D: 84cm (33")